I am one of those people who still enjoys learning new things.  Every night I spend an hour reading on my iPad from a variety of sources.  This usually follows a natural order that goes something like this:

  • Twitter – General people I know
  • Twitter – Growth Hacking articles
  • FlipBoard – Technology Section
  • Google Analytics for TSF, Big Top, and Heivly.com.

Even in my advanced age, I enjoy uncovering interesting new themes.  Analytics is one of those.

So I thought I would share with you the year in review for the blog and hope you find some “hmmm” moments.

Where do the readers come from?  The Top 5:

  1. RTP
  2. Charlotte
  3. New York City
  4. Atlanta
  5. San Francisco

The total # of readers was over 4,300 and they viewed over 9,000 pages and spent an average of 1:02 on site.

73% viewed content from the desktop vs. 27% from mobile/tablet.  Of the Mobile readers their platform of choice:

  • Apple iPhone – 58%
  • Apple iPad      – 19%
  • Samsung         – 3%
  • Motorola         – 2%
  • Other               – 18%

And, the Top 5 Most Viewed Articles: