I am stealing a phrase from noted investor, blogger and friend, Brad Feld — “Digital Sabbath”.  Last week I made the decision to put my writing, tweeting, speaking, guest posting & commenting on hold for 45 days.  If not a sabbath. let’s call it a brief sabbatical. I am both energized and a little saddened by this decision to be honest with you.  I love to write and share my observations. Maybe I’ll auto-post a few old gems to keep the internet wires fresh.

My #1 priority is The Startup Factory. I so believe in our mission and new model we have been working on for a year.  You may have witnessed pieces of the model (2-3 Day Boot Camps) as we tested the concept around the state (part of the new model as well).

As you know, we operate as a venture fund and as such we raise money from other investors into our fund. We are heads down on this activity and will be until we push this over the finish line.  As a very active local investor, mentor, and advisor, I give you advice every day about how to effectively fundraise.  It takes a lot of effort and a lot of focus.  Now it is time for me to take my own advice.

Hence the Digital Sabbatical.

With hard work, a smart story and maybe a little luck, we will have a some great news to share soon.

I hope you stick around for some new thoughts & stories in October.

Until then . . . .