Today marks the launch of a new series I am pulling together called The One Thing.

The format is simple.  Share with me the one thing regarding a certain topic.

Starting off is Zaid Farooqui of Crystal MD.  I met Zaid after he had returned from the valley after his startup ( got accepted into Y Combinator while he was a student at UNC.  At its height, iJigg was over 1 million members per month.  When that ran its course, Zaid returned to finish his degree.

Since November of 2012, Zaid is working on his new startup, CrystalMD.

With experiences living in San Francisco, New York City and here in North Carolina, I asked Zaid – What it The One Thing he enjoys about starting a company here in RTP.

Why RTP Is Great For Starting A Business

Zaid Farooqui from Chris Heivly on Vimeo.