We are hiring. Yes, that lean investment group over in Durham in American Tobacco is ready to expand our full-time staff.  We have been getting by with a few great paid interns but it is time we ramp this up a notch or two.  We are hiring based on passion and drive not your college credentials per se.

Ready to be part of the team?  Think you got what it takes?  Contact us: info@thestartupfactory.co

The first position is for a Venture Associate. Role will focus on these tasks:

  • Operate as a 3rd partner in our 2x per year selection of 10-12 investments.  Seriously.  Its two of us.
  • Coordinate post-investment support for our portfolio companies.
  • Develop and maintain investor relationships with targeted VC firms.  We have a short list of 25-35 we know and need to keep in touch with.  This is your baby.
  • Represent TSF in local, regional and national community.  We all do it and frankly it is fun.

This is a great opportunity for someone interested in getting into venture capital.  With 26 current investments and another 10-12 added each year – this role will continue to expand.  This position will provide an unparalleled set of experiences.

The second position is for a Marketing Associate. Role will focus on these tasks:

  • Drive Overall TSF awareness through a variety of marketing programs including (Events, Paid Search, Social, Email, Website, PR).  I think we hit on all of the biggies here!
  • Create marketing campaigns directed at entrepreneurs, investors and mentors.  Yes that means you!  You will run these programs and have responsibility.  But we will also teach you what you don’t know already.
  • Light administrative duties around the office.  We all pitch in – that means you too.

For anyone desiring a career in online marketing, this is a serious opportunity to build marketing credentials while learning from the areas best mentors (who come in to mentor our companies).

Both positions are full-time and will pay a crappy monthly salary which will increase with the delivery of value.

Intrigued?  Send us a killer cover email and your resume then knock down our door to come talk.  Game on!