If this headline has you confused – I understand – stay with me for a few short paragraphs.

I have debated back and forth inside my head whether I should promote a Tedx talk I did last year at Duke.  My process is, if I am in doubt then don’t do it.  So I sat on it. But I recently had reason to go back and view it.  You see, I wrote a book I am close to publishing and as part of that new journey they asked me about all of the different media resources I bring to the table.

The Tedx talk got mentioned as the inspiration of my book.  The talk and book is called Build The Fort.

So, here on a Friday afternoon, I am proud to share with you a Tedx about the decision to do a startup and the lessons I learned as a 10 year old.  In the talk and the book I relate my experiences with building forts with Jimmy Doyle, Danny Moore and my brother, Timmy.  Like Richard Dreyfus in Stand By Me, “I never had any friends later on like the ones I had when I was 12. Jesus, does anyone?”

Well my friend, Danny Moore died yesterday after battling cancer for a year.  So I thought I would tell a little of his story while sharing with you my Build The Fort lessons.

I hope you enjoy it.