How to Pitch Your Company. (If You’re Not Nervous, You’re Missing the Point)

Making a formal presentation to investors is hard–almost certainly more difficult and more stressful than you think. Here’s how to get it right. [This originally ran at here.] With the proliferation of pitch competitions, start-up events, and accelerator Pitch Days, you will at some point have the opportunity to pitch your company. In front of hundreds of people. Some of them even important. Are you ready? This is not anything like the one-on-ones or the one-on-few table meetings you have been doing. Let me repeat–this is not even remotely like a one-on-one or small group meeting. An effective pitch can propel you and your company to the next level. It’s that important. Investors, partners, and future employees all see pitch presence as a proxy for business credibility. It’s not fair, but it’s true. If you treat your public pitch like most of the milestones you have been managing, and you wait until the last moment to prepare, you will surely crash and burn. If you decide that all you have to do is dress up your current pitch deck and learn how to present it while standing instead of sitting, you will miss an unbelievable opportunity. Here are three core ideas

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