I am a very lucky person – I have had a series of great mentors.

Bart was the best business mentor a guy could find.  I learned so much from him mostly about keeping things simple.  I loved how how as I grew, we could finish each others sentences.  Dave taught me about passion and focus on execution.  He was the consummate project guy who taught me that our results speak louder than our perfect words.  Richard (he was Dick then) influenced me to work smart and to swing big.  He gave me so much confidence in those early professional days.

These guys were outstanding mentors.  But that being said, I had an important role to play in these relationships.  I aggressively sought them out.

Somewhere in my psyche I became comfortable with the notion that I could get better through developing a relationship centered on asking questions and listening to their thoughts.  Many of us are afraid to ask questions for fear of looking weak. I never had that fear as I assumed that they had experiences that would inform me.  I hope you relinquish that fear.

Socializing your idea without fear or inhibition is one of the key tenants in Build The Fort  and a must today if you are ready to start any project or business.

Best, Chris