First of all, let me share that I define startup in the broadest way possible.  This could be a business that stands on its own (the classic definition).  This could be a new product line within an existing business.  Or this could be your dream of starting the first over-50 Men’s hockey league in Durham, NC.Regardless, your approach should be the same – focus on the customer and not the product.  I have wasted so many hours/days/weeks/months as a product builder only to find out that finding customers was the real key to creating a great business.The 3 power moves you can make today?

Sit down with 3 existing or potential customers and create a dialogue around your new product or business.

Don’t sell them anything.  Ask questions and listen to their answers.

Did you catch my trick?  The 3 moves are the 3 customers.

Ask them what keeps them up at night.  Ask them what one thing they get frustrated about with regards to their job.  Ask them how they get reviewed.  Ask them if they had one app on their phone that would change their life, what would that app be.  You get the idea.

Need to know how to find your first 3 customers?  I outlined a few of my tricks in my 1st book Build The Fort available in print or Kindle.