I am a naturally social person.  I enjoy sharing even the most intimate aspects of my life.  It’s just me and my personality.  I also realize that this makes me a little weird and sometimes makes you uncomfortable.  Sorry about that.  The great thing is that it works really well for me as I process new ideas.

Are you an idea machine?  Do you see opportunity to create features, products or companies everywhere?  If you are an idea person who is uncomfortable sharing those ideas with strangers, I need you to understand something.

Your ideas are begging to be set free from the confines of your brain.  Set them free now! 

An idea that never sees the light of day is a wasted idea.  I realize that we need to process them to a certain degree before letting them out – but you must let them out at some point.

Got an idea that you can’t shake – email, tweet or call me – I will listen and ask questions but not judge.


Note: I am filling in my speaking calendar for Q1-2016 in support of startups, startup communities and my book, Built The Fort.  Reach out if you have a need.