I have done the business travel thing for a long time (I mean I am getting up there).  To buttress that point, I will share that I am about 50k miles short of 2M lifetime on American Airlines.  That’s a lot of sitting in airports and planes.

This week I am in San Francisco for 2+ days and a weekend hang out with my son who is coming from San Diego.  By San Francisco, I mean the city, Mountain View and San Jose for various meetings.  It is 57 miles between SF and SJ.

For the first time ever, I did not rent a car.

The drivers for this decision are:

  • Cost of the rental car ($85 per day at least),
  • Cost for parking in 3 different places (now seemingly a minimum of $20),
  • A sense that I am being bad to the environment, and
  • An idea that I can pull this off.

I feel naked and a little less in control.

How am I doing this?

UBER Pool is a new service that connects riders to share an UBER.  I did that from the airport to downtown SF for $25.  I am hoping to use it to get to San Jose tonight and I estimate that it will cost about $60.  If not I will use public transportation.

I will also UBER 2-3 times in between locations.  I think I will spend about $40 total.

All in I am thinking $125 vs $300+.  And a little less in control.  Feels good so far.