Google and I are dating.  We had our 2nd date Friday which is now back-to-back dates last week.

Thursday, the TSF portfolio companies (Spring and Fall) particpiated in a Virtual Field Trip with 5 Google guys out in Mountain View, CA where they were able to learn more about Google offerings and figure out ways to engage in their platforms.

Friday, I was invited to speak to a roomful of budding entrepreneurs that the local Google guys had brought together as part of their Google for Entrepreneurs initiative.  Though the attendance was a little light – the meet & greet (and the food) was the highlight.  The event also included a few local university folks – all of whom are waving the same optimistic entrepreneurial message.  Marshall Brain is a new addition to the NC State team and a great addition at that.

I had run into Mike Reed early in the accelerator journey I have been on for the past 3 years but it had been awhile.  Same for Joe Gregorio who I run into more often.  These guys are studs.  Experienced, smart with kick-ass stories to share.  And, they are nice guys.

Mike has a great slide-deck chronicling his college-college-corporation-startup-corporation-startup-corporation life sequence.  Ask him about it.  Joe is a classic evangelist.   He knows his stuff so find him too.  That is what they asked of everyone.  If you are a budding entrepreneur, make sure you find the Google team.