I did the typical holiday thing and read a lot.  I read books, blogs and I still read a newspaper every day.  I am pretty sure I do not know how to eat breakfast without a newspaper in front of me.

One of the more interesting pieces was about millennials and the workplace from PWC. It is a little dated but I found it as relevant today as when it was published.  I wrote an article for INC as I processed the article through the eyes of startup activity.

My thesis . . . . millennials have workplace needs that are far different than non-millennials – and these needs will result in significant startup activities going forward.

The activity that not many see is that these startups are taking place at night and weekends as opposed to a full-fledged “quit the day job and make the leap”.  I see this every day as these guys show up at our office in The Startup Factory here in Durham.  The great news is that you can get lots of validation and even traction going before being confronted with the decision to do this full-time.

Are you trying to figure out how to exercise those startup muscles but locked into a day job?  Don’t freak out – there are many ways you can get ready for the proverbial leap.