Every one of you reading this has or soon will be in this position: I need a rockstar to help me fulfill my vision.

Regardless of whether you are just starting out and realize you have to augment the team of you, or you adding the first real hires to a growing sales team, the notion is the same – I need a rockstar to help me fulfill my vision.

Yes, I said it twice so that it resonates fully inside your head.

When this is you and you fully realize that this is probably the most important task you have, why then do you turn to a job board or website. Or worse yet, why do you try to engineer the hiring process through what I call the checklist fallacy.

The short summary of the fallacy is when you decide on a bunch of required attributes and run a process to find the person who can check off the most attributes.  I have had unbelievable success on the backs of a few truly outstanding contributors that never would have passed through a traditional hiring process.

Great hires are made when you uncover great people.

As a hiring manager, you have one goal and one goal only – hire the greatest person you can find regardless of their college pedigree, their exact skills sets (or lack thereof), or even their current job or experience.

I broker introductions every day of my life now (about an hour a day) as I believe that there are great hires ready to be matched up regardless of their resume.  I am the filter and their temporary agent and hope that my read on them is worthy of you taking a look.

You want unbelievable people? Think unbelievably different about your approach.