I am wrong a lot of time (stop laughing Dave – my partner in crime here at TSF). Let’s see if he even reads these posts.

Given that I have moments of disconnection from my brain, there are times when I do know or have extensive experience on a topic.  Running meetings is one of them.  I am a meeting snob and as such I hate it when they are run poorly.

The quick synopsis is this:

  • approach the meeting correctly,
  • invite the right # and type of people,
  • operate the meeting with a strong hand.

I frequently attend meetings where it is obvious that the organizer has not thought out the agenda.  If you are a new founder and now have to operate a board meeting, the stakes are even higher.  Dont take these lightly – prepare.  Remember, these people are there to serve you and you them during this 30-60 minutes.

A well led board meeting could be the difference in you staying in your role . . . or the alternative.

I have seen too many founder who lead vigorously in so many other areas then give it up in a group meeting.  Don’t let that be you! I outline 4 mistakes founders make in board meetings in this recent Inc article.