Build The Fort is a simple but powerful book that takes complex startup issues that confront all of us and breaks them down to a few simple lessons.

Check out these reviews:

“In a world overflowing with books and advice for entrepreneurs, “Build The Fort” has the distinction of being the one you should read FIRST.” Mark E. McDowell

“Helpful advice for the first time entrepreneur!” Joe Colopy

“I would highly recommend this book to anyone who is itching to turn their dreams into reality via the start-up route.” tkm

These are the exact responses I was looking for when I conceived the book. So many out there take one success and paint a road map that implies, “do it this way and you too can succeed”. It’s a little harder than that and there is not just one road map.

I find that the best business books remind me of the one or two things that I forgot or let drift away. Build The Fort is that business book that reminds you to keep it simple and fight the complexity that we all bring to the table.

Here is a link to the Amazon BTF page (there are both Kindle and Print versions available). If you already have a copy – many thanks!