Business Partner or Great Friend?

Hey Friend – One of the basic startup tenants I push religiously is the idea of partnering with skilled and trustworthy people.  Startups are a team sport not a solo sport I share every day.Some of you think this way too and as your first move, you identify and join forces with old high school, college or work friends.  The notion is that you know these people intimately and thus have a pre-built trusting relationship.I am not opposed to that per se but there is a wicked downside to the surface level version of this thinking.When the crap hits the fan – which is more important, the friendship or the business?

There is only one good answer to this question and it is that the business has to come first.  Not to say that the friendship cant survive after but the business has to be the overriding relationship.

Best, Chris

P.S.  I have a whole chapter on partnering in Build The Fort, my 1st book on starting anything.