I have an idea–why don’t you start your own company? You know you have thought about it. Maybe your startup is the promotion you are looking for.

Climbing the corporate ladder is usually about any number things including:

  1. Obtaining more responsibility
  2. Delivering an individual impact
  3. Gaining a chance to lead a team
  4. Making more money (creating personal wealth).

Startups provide you an instant return on your personal mission. Every aspect of business that you hope to achieve lies totally on your shoulders.

Your vision for a product or service will serve a customer–a customer with a need. Talk about an impact. The level of personal gratification that comes from being 100% responsible for serving a customers need cannot be measured.

Great leaders lead by taking that first step forward when everyone else is thinking about what to do next. Corporations pick leaders. As a startup founder you take the leader role. What better way to build those muscles?

Creating personal wealth is difficult, however, I believe you measure this in decades not months. With that in mind, what better way to invest in you than by taking majority ownership in the very entity that will create wealth?

Ready . . . . leap!