You got burnt once now you vow to never let that happen again. You still failed.

We all have been there one way or another. Your company fails and the IP gets sold for pennies on the dollar to a large corporation where they proceed to bury it as protection. My IP Baby you moan. An investor pulls their funding when the co-founder splits right before the big meeting. The company is bigger than just one guy you scream. Or your board decides that you are not the future captain of your own ship and asks you to resign. I built this from my own idea in my garage, how dare you exert control over my creation you think.

You vow, “this will never happen to me again”! And thus you embark on the overreaction strategy. And you will probably fail again. These situations occur every day to good and bad entrepreneurs alike. Your strategy to take full control of every potential situation is a fools errand.

Lets break down the examples I outlined above.

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