July was selection month.  As our application numbers continue to climb, so does the effort to whittle those down to 5-7 great companies with great founding teams.  As of today, we have made 6 offers and hope to announce them to you on August 26th – day 1 of the Fall 2013 program.

As we move through this, I find myself wondering how I can make this go easier.  So, I am also working on improving our back office at TSF.  I love tools but get easily frustrated by features and product decisions that overly complicate things.  These are a few of the tools we use:

  • Google Apps for email
  • Insightly for a group contact manager
  • iContact for mass emails
  • WordPress for our Website
  • Wufoo Forms for gathering application information
  • Excel to move the applications around to our team for individual voting & comments

A few of us have lamented a lack of a light CRM for 2-3 person teams.  Over the past few weeks I have reviewed Salesforce.com, Mailchimp, Highrise, Zoho, and many others.

As part of this, I changed this blog feed to email from Feedburner to Mailchimp.

Anyone want to comment in favor or not of various tools?