It seems like just yesterday that we were celebrating the end of our 3rd class and viewing 5 unbelievable pitches over at Carolina Theater.  Our pitch day coupled with the Paradoxos 2 day startup festival went very well in our eyes.  But that was June 6th and today is July 8th so 4 weeks has transpired.  What am I up to?

1. We are deep into our selection process already for the Fall session.  Quick count says we increased our application entries about 20% and that the coverage across the US increased as well.  (More later on this.)  The first phase is to read all of the applications as well as view the video submission.  Believe it or not, some teams either dont read the instructions or decide not to include a video.  Its not a secret that both Dave and I have stressed that the video is THE most crucial element to get past gate 1.

2. In between sessions I like to back fill on the “want-to” items that I am not able to get to while we are in session.  Let me digress a little and elaborate.  While we are in a TSF session, my commitment is to give 100% to the companies.  It is what they deserve and the expectation I promise.  To fulfill this promise, we lead the relationship by organizing mentors, advisor meetings, and 1 on 1 meetups. But at the end, our relationship shifts to the companies taking relationship control.  We are available, but it is driven by the founders.

3. Vacation.  Much needed off-the-grid time.  Call it wisdom.  Call it old-age.  Lets settle on experience.  Whether it is like my brother who vacations at home by his pool (and is off the grid) or you leave the country (and are forced off the grid), you have to find time to disconnect from your effort.  You see, TSF and TTTalk and Big Top are all startups and feel the same pressure you do as an entrepreneur.

What are you up to this summer?