The very nature of a startup is chaos – pure unadulterated chaos.  Nothing defines that chaos more than the feeling that you are overwhelmed and maybe even paralyzed with the tasks awaiting you and the team.  Obviously, you can’t even decide to start a company let alone pretend to run a company if you can’t get out of 1st gear.

Every one of us starts every day with one overriding question . . . what do I spend my time on today?

Most productivity gurus and gadgets are all geared around ways to create a list, prioritize that list, manage the list and everything in between all those lists.  I think there may be a better angle of attack.

I recently came across this thought from Warren Buffet – the Not-To-Do List and wrote about it in longer for in one of my recent articles.

Giving yourself permission as a person (and as a team) to not worry about an issue can be unbelievably freeing. Give it a try and see if it lifts your burden.