Why do these always seem to work? Don’t we all want to see what interests others? Maybe there is a little FOMO (what did I miss that everyone else seemed to engage in?). It is human nature so don’t overthink it. So take just a few minutes to see what the Top 5 posts were for 2023 as well as the 5 least read blog posts.

To give you some ammo for your brain:

  • I posted over 50 blog articles this year
  • The open rate was above 22% (not too bad)
  • The click-through rate averages close to 3%. (Could be better)
  • This email is sent weekly to almost 8,000 of you (after 1,500 unsubscribed).

I typically write these on Monday morning from a list of over 150 ideas that sit in a Google Doc. Sometimes I don’t need the idea doc for inspiration, and some days I do.

It takes me about 30-45 minutes to complete the blog, the links and the AI generated picture. I then need another 30 minutes to set up on my website, email platform, and Linkedin (I just dropped X/Twitter this week).

So let’s not delay the big reveal . . . 

The Top 5 most read blog posts for 2023:

  1. Startup Failure – Whose Fault, The Founder or The Community?
  2. Four Thoughts to Sustaining A Robust Ecosystem
  3. Creating A Story-Based Community Brand
  4. That’s Just The Way It Is!
  5. Why A Manager Mindset Fails In Startup Community Building

The Top 5 least read blog posts for 2023:

  1. Do You Have The Patience for The Long Tail?
  2. Why “Obvious Value Gap” Is Your Ultimate Product Goal
  3. Steve Jobs, Founder Fellowship, and Your Need to Be Smarter Yesterday
  4. Unleash Your Inner Decathlete: Empowering Community Leaders To Create Lasting Impact
  5. Unlock the Secrets: How Gen-Z Will Transform Startup Communities

Thanks for being part of my journey – Happy Holiday’s!